The uniqueness of the Cape Town KulcaFest lies in the stylistic approach and the intimacy with which national live performances will be executed. This is an opportunity to showcase top quality entertainment while providing a platform for young local artists to showcase their artistic prowess, and an opportunity to expose and extol the culture and heritage of South Africa.

Whilst this auspicious occasion of festival celebration has a national focus, exclusivity will lie in the show being a festival that occurs only once a year. At least 5000 people are expected to attend the event as spectators while about 100 SMME’s are expected take part in the various event activities. The estimated crowd is sustainable enough to give the event the necessary reputation as a continuously successful annual occurrence. Also it sustains the right levels of exposure to sponsorship initiatives including outdoor advertising.

The scope of the festival goes beyond being a performing arts activity as it has a strong community development focus. It seeks to empower local communities to partake into professional activities previously reserved for the elite as well as create various social and business benefits during the hosting.


  • To provide a nation building opportunity for the festival through the universal language of sport, music and other performing arts.
  • To host a music event that will showcase and celebrate the best home-grown musical talent on one stage.
  • To inform marketing and sales – take findings from the design process and leverage them within marketing and sales initiatives
  • To provide value for money for sponsors through an interactive grass-root level approach, thus opening the door to the sponsor’s brand to form an emotional bond with their current and potential customers.
  • To grow a unique project that empowers the local community, and the surroundings through business opportunities; platform for talent display in various fields (e.g. music, event management, sports, trade, etc.)
  • To enable established musicians to share their vision and strategy for success through a mentorship process that can develop as a result of this project.
  • To anchor the local community as a viable alternative to the culture of live music entertainment.
  • To contribute to the economic development and job creation initiatives of both the
    Local and National Government

Exhibition and Branding Opportunities

  • The Festival will be the principal event in Cape Town that draws together business, SMME’s, youth, community organizations, consumers and all the people of the City of Cape Town on an annual basis to celebrate the city’s richness, heritage and diversity. It’s an event not to be missed by organisations wishing to connect directly with the burgeoning Cape Town market.
  • The Festival’s mission is to contribute to the long-term development of the greater Western Cape economy and community. The festival therefore provides a vehicle for businesses in Western Cape, South Africa’s fourth largest province, to reclaim theirrightful share of the community’s spending by placing local enterprises and SMMEs alongside some of the country’s leading brands. The festival will create a sense of pride in the City of Cape Town; in the eyes of all South Africans, and help establish the Cape Town KulcaFest as a global brand. It will also provide a platform for the promotion of government departments, community organisations and NGO’s.


The Festival Sponsors will be given every opportunity to brand and market themselves at the festival, which will feature large and small organisations. The overall environment in which the festival takes place is going to be vastly improved compared to other ordinary festivals. We will be installing air-conditioned VIP facilities and paying more attention to the overall look of the festival, raising the bar on quality for sponsors and visitors alike. The Sponsors will include the following industries:

  • Furniture, Home and Kitchen appliances
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Food & Beverages
  • Health, Beauty & Fashion
  • DIY and home decor
  • Western Cape Government
  • Hi-Tech, Office and Small Business Supplies
  • Automotive
  • Sports & Recreational goods
  • Arts, Crafts & Heritage
  • Community projects & NGO’s
  • Property, Finance& Business Services